Welcome to Knives-from-Germany, your shop for Güde Knives from Solingen, Germany and Boos Blocks from the USA.

Our mission is to deliver the finest German knives to you, whereever you are. We only sell the products that we use ourselves and that we are absolutely content with. We only sell what we love and what we can uncompromisingly recommend to you.

Our mission is to make you happy with fine knives. We achieve this by choosing the right products, packing them well, shipping them fast and delivering you a perfect service.

We are located next to Solingen and the people who work at Güde and thus we are your direkt link to the hands that craft these fine knives for you. In a tradition that lasts for over 100 years.

We take orders from all over the world and deliver worldwide by DHL or UPS. Our shop system is currently available to customers from Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Australia. If you are located in any other country please send us an email to get a shipping quote for your favorite items.

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249,00 € * Weight: 4.1 kg

The Knife G-G888/26

295,00 € * Weight: 0.242 kg

The Guede Alpha left handed Walnut Bread Knife W431/32L

195,00 € * Weight: 0.08 kg

The Guede Alpha Walnut Chefs Knife W805/21

120,00 € * Weight: 0.08 kg

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